Collin County Council on Family Violence (CCCFV)


Family violence has no home in Collin County, but hope does.

Recognizing that family violence is an urgent criminal and public health issue which causes devastating consequences in our community, the Junior League of Collin County (JLCC) initiated the Collin County Council on Family Violence (CCCFV) in 2000. CCCFV strengthens collaborative, professional partnerships and serves as a catalyst for a sustained movement against family violence in Collin County. CCCFV includes members who represent local and state government, law enforcement, education, faith, social services, health care, legal, and workplace organizations.

Our Mission

The mission of CCCFV is expressed in four strategic objectives:

  • Community Awareness: Educating and raising awareness of family violence in Collin County with regards to present impact, identification and prevention
  • Membership: Developing and maintaining relationships that will sustain an effective coordinated community response for those impacted by family violence
  • Professional Development: Delivery of training for professionals on best practices in the area of family violence
  • Strategic Planning: Ensuring CCCFV remains strategic, financially sustainable and transparent.

CCCFV hosts multiple educational and community awareness events, such as monthly meetings of members and professionals, professional development seminars & trainings, and an annual Leadership Breakfast.

JLCC continues to play a leadership role in facilitating meetings, directing the work of the Advisory Committee, providing infrastructure, and promoting the work of CCCFV.

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The Family Violence committee presents the Survivor Story Series