Community Projects

C.A.R.E.S. (Confidence, Awareness, Respect, Esteem & Strength)

This project supports the holistic approach that the Center for Pediatric Eating Disorders at Children’s Health Plano utilizes in its treatment plan. JL Collin County Volunteers facilitate arts & crafts sessions four times a month for the patients. Children and adolescents with eating disorders are often socially isolated, and this program offers a safe and nurturing environment for patients to learn or reestablish their social skills.

Impact: Hundreds of patients receiving treatment each year

Partner Agency: Children’s Health Plano



Collin County Council on Family Violence (CCCFV)

The Council is facilitated by JL Collin County and comprised of community leaders and professionals striving together to eliminate family violence. The CCCFV provides training, community networking, and unique hands-on experience working with community partners, elected officials, and leaders of over 60 community organizations to address the problem of family violence in Collin County. Each year the CCCFV hosts the Facing Family Violence Conference. JL Collin County received the 2007 Governor’s Award for their work on the Council.



Done in a Day (DIAD)

DIAD provides volunteer support for community projects that can be accomplished in a one-time evening or weekend setting. Volunteers provide hands-on assistance (excluding soliciting, telemarketing, fundraising, or enabling fundraising) to nonprofit organizations in Collin County in need of volunteer assistance. Through this project JL Collin County supports a wide range of community services.

Impact: Dozens agencies and thousands of citizens



Juvenile Mentoring Program (JuMP)

JL Collin County volunteers work in conjunction with the Juvenile Probation Department of Collin County in both McKinney and Plano to serve as mentors and conduct training sessions in a classroom environment for juveniles age 12-15 that have been placed on probation for non-violent, misdemeanor offenses.  The goal is to implement a positive setting for the juveniles and present curriculum on topics such as self-esteem building, internet messaging, healthy relationships, and life skills training.  This project aims to reduce the likelihood of re-offending and to provide the tools and resources necessary to reduce recidivism.

Impact: Dozens youth in Collin County

Partner Agency: Collin County Juvenile Probation



My Friend’s House

My Friend’s House is a 28-bed emergency shelter for children who range in age from birth to 17 years of age who have been removed from their homes due to allegations of abuse and neglect. JLCC volunteers visit My Friend’s House on a weekly basis and read stories, facilitate arts and crafts, and share a snack with the residents. The children get to keep a copy of the book to take with them when they leave the shelter. My Friend’s House is licensed to shelter children up to 17 years of age, so the shelter also includes the CITY House teenagers.

Impact: Hundreds of at-risk, homeless youth

Partner Agency: City House


Reaching Independence through Success and Education (R.I.S.E.) project is a collaboration with City House that strives to improve the lives of young adults in the transitional living program by providing a life skills evidence-based curriculum to City House clients. These young adults (ages 18-22) have been involved in the foster care system, have aged out of the system, or are currently homeless. The goal is to empower City House clients with life skills training to improve their success upon leaving the program.

Impact: Dozens at-risk, homeless young adults annually

Partner Agency: City House


Community Garden Kitchen

As Collin County’s only free kitchen. Community Garden Kitchen provides chef prepared evening meals free to charge to anyone experiencing food insecurity. JLCC members serve in the dining room delivering meals to guests with kindness and dignity.

Impact: Thousands of meal served

Partner Agency: Community Garden Kitchen


The Junior League of Collin County offers a variety of community-based training and services including:

  • Community Ambassadors – JL Collin County members develop and nurture strategic relationships with the community leaders and potential partners to further the work of JL Collin County
  • Community Facilitation – JL Collin County provides experienced, professionally-trained facilitators for discussions requiring the assistance of a neutral party such as board retreats or conflict resolution meetings
  • Nonprofit Excellence Workshops – JL Collin County offers informative workshops at no charge to community agencies on topics such as Board Development and Donor Management