Membership Levels

We have three levels of membership status: provisional, active, and sustainer.  We also accept transfers from other leagues in the United States and around the world.

Provisional Members

The provisional program is a training course designed to introduce prospective members to the JLCC and prepare for active membership.  Prospective members are required to sign a statement of agreement that outlines the responsibilities of a provisional member. Upon completion of the provisional program course, a provisional will become an active member of the JLCC and can expect to have:

  • A working knowledge of how our organization operates and impacts the community

  • An understanding of a member’s role in the organization and the many opportunities to serve

  • Formed new relationships with both the provisional class and the larger membership

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Active Members

An active member of the JLCC has successfully completed her provisional year and volunteers her time and talents to our organization and to the community.  She is a trained volunteer, working in the community in areas of need, or helping with internal functions and organization of the league.  An active member must meet several membership requirements, including attending meetings, working our major fundraisers, paying dues, and fully participating in her placement position to remain in good standing.


Sustaining Members

A sustaining member is a former active member who has completed at least six years of active service.  While sustaining members are not required to attend meetings, work fundraisers, or hold a placement, they often participate by assisting a committee or placement with their advice and experience.  Our sustaining members often serve as mentors to the provisional and active members of the league, and are a valuable source of support and inspiration to the league as a whole.

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