Why Join

The JLCC improves lives

The women of JLCC create innovative programs that have a profound impact in our community. Our community programs address some of Collin County’s most critical issues, including domestic violence awareness and prevention, literacy, life skills for families in transition, life skills for at-risk youth, and therapeutic assistance for children and adults with disabilities. As a member of our organization, you will be trained for community service in areas of local need.

The JLCC trains leaders

What makes JLCC volunteers unique? We are not only women who want to improve communities, but we are women with the training and skills to make it happen!  As a member of the JLCC, you will benefit from training opportunities in leadership and organizational development.  Through this unique training, members develop the skills necessary to handle critical issues in the community.  JLCC members have taken their leadership training on to become civic and community leaders, including city council members, mayors and leaders at county and state levels.

The JLCC offers several workshops and training events designed to help our members develop their leadership potential, including our popular training courses on facilitation and facilitative leadership.

The JLCC builds relationships

The JLCC is a fantastic place to meet new friends and network with other women.  JLCC provides an opportunity to build deeper relationships with your community while developing lifelong friendships and affiliations.