The Personal Placement

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“What’s your placement?” is a common question in Junior League. It’s like our version of asking a friend, “What are you doing this weekend?” Instead of just one weekend, though, a placement lasts through the entire League year. Each JLCC member has a placement story, and it usually involves personal goals and having fun while getting stuff done.

Each member serves on a committee and our Placement Advisors help us determine the positions our members will hold in Junior League. Members are encouraged to apply for leadership positions and for general placements. Based on what you want to do, you can apply to lead one of our committees or to be a committee member. While Nominating reviews leadership applications, the Placement Council interviews members, solicits feedback and makes decisions based on the needs of the League.

One of the best things about JLCC is the wide variety of options and the ability for each member to be a part of the process in selecting a placement that meets her personal goals.

All members select six options, two each in Administration, Community Impact and Fund Development. Some placements involve a lot of in-person meetings and working in the community, while others enable you to work more independently. For example, my placement as the JLCC Blogger involves me writing various blog posts, which I normally do at home after my son goes to bed. I attend monthly Website Committee meetings and I trade emails with my Committee Chair during the month. With a young son under two years old and a new job, I was looking for a placement that offered flexibility from an in-person time commitment, because that’s where my life was. Perhaps you are in a different phase of life. The beauty of placement is that you can apply for positions that work for your lifestyle and personal goals.

Another aspect of your placement is the actual work you do. Maybe you’re looking to develop a certain skill and you want your placement to be where you can develop that skill set. Trust me, JLCC needs all kinds of skill sets, from event planning, fundraising, training & development, accounting to graphic design. It doesn’t matter if you’re analytical or creative – there’s definitely a placement for you in JLCC.

And don’t worry – we don’t leave you to figure out all of placement details on your own.

JLCC provides quite a few resources to help you figure out what placement is best for you. The Placement Book, located online, has descriptions for EVERY placement! Spring Meetings with your Placement Advisor are a great opportunity to discuss your interests and what placements match them. At the March General Membership Meeting there is a Placement Fair where each of the committees has a booth and you can chat with current members to learn more about their committee. Other JLCC members are also a great resource and they’re ready and willing to talk about their experience and insights in the placement process.

For Current Members

Speaking of Nominating, for current active members it’s almost time to apply for 2019-2020 the General Leadership Round. If you’re interested in applying for leadership, applications are now open! You can nominate anyone for a leadership position until March 9th and applications will remain open until March 16th. Please check the member homepage and e-Blast for additional information.

If you are an active member and applying for leadership, you will be able to visit with your Placement Advisor about your interests beginning in March. For provisional members, you will also have a Spring Meeting with a Placement Advisor. You are also welcome to invite your Membership Development Advisor to attend your meeting.

Key dates to remember: the Placement Book will be on the website on Friday, March 22nd so you can begin to do some research. The Placement Fair is on Monday, March 25th and Spring Meetings begin March 26th. Placement Advisors will send you a link to sign up for a timeslot to discuss your options and help you select your choices online. The most exciting of all? You’ll receive your 2019 – 2020 placement the middle of April!

Placements are a great way to further develop your skills, meet new people and positively impact the community. JLCC empowers you to find the right fit that works for you.

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-Written by Athena Thomas, First Year Active