NTX Giving Day: 10 Collin County Nonprofits for YOU!

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Originally published by local profile | Sep. 8, 2021

It’s North Texas Giving Day!

NTXGivingDay.org giving is OPEN now through September 23, and we’re spotlighting local NTX Giving Day registered nonprofits serving Collin County.

Volunteers are vital to making a difference in the community as they dedicate their valuable time and skills to help serve those in need. Almost all nonprofits depend on selfless volunteers to support their mission and advance their work. With so many individuals relying on nonprofit assistance for housing, food, disaster relief, and more, there are never enough volunteers.

Are YOU looking to give your time, talent, or treasure to help a local nonprofit in need? These nonprofits are the perfect place to start!

Becky’s Hope Horse Rescue

becky’s hope horse rescue is just one of the many collin county nonprofits pitching in for ntx giving day 2021!

Founded in 1997, Becky’s Hope Horse Rescue was named after the rescue of their first horse. Found neglected by her owner, Becky was not much more than skin and bones. After several months of care and rehabilitation, she made a full recovery and inspired the founders of Becky’s Hope to dedicate themselves to the rescue, rehabilitation, and re-homing of abused, neglected, and abandoned horses and farm animals.

Like most nonprofits, Becky’s Hope Horse Rescue depends on hardworking volunteers. The volunteers take on various duties to help maintain the barn and animals such as mucking, water trough cleaning and refilling, litter pickup, and other responsibilities.

By working to help improve and maintain the barn, volunteers support the mission of Becky’s Hope by allowing the staff to devote their energies and talents to the rehabilitation of horses and other farm animals in need.

Be the good, and help change the lives of these innocent animals and volunteer or donate today!

Address: 4760 Preston Road #244-313 Frisco, TX 75034

214-918-6508 | Website here!

Communities Foundation of Texas’ Nonprofit Board Service Opportunities

cft is just one of the many collin county nonprofits pitching in for ntx giving day 2021!

Finding a nonprofit with available positions on their Board of Directors can be challenging. You have time and talent to give, and nonprofits need your help, but where do you start? To help address local nonprofit’s need for diverse volunteers willing to give their time and expertise, Communities Foundation of Texas created the Nonprofit Board Service Directory. Currently with over 40 board service opportunities to choose from, you’re sure to find something that fits your passions and skills.

The online directory helps connect volunteers with nonprofits in need of board members who have the expertise they need to accomplish their mission.

Volunteers are encouraged to search the online directory for nonprofits that align with their passions and skill sets!

If you are looking to share your expertise as a volunteer board member, browse our online directory today!

Address 2401 Internet Blvd, Ste 101, Hall Park G1 Frisco, TX 75034

214-750-4247 | Website here!

Junior League of Collin County

junior league of collin county is just one of the many collin county nonprofits pitching in for ntx giving day 2021!

In 1976, the Junior League of Collin County was founded by thirteen visionary women who were committed to improving and evolving their community. The Junior League of Collin County remains dedicated to promoting volunteerism, developing the potential of women, and improving the community through effective action and leadership of trained volunteers.

With nearly 1,000 League members, the Junior League of Collin County will provide more than 36,000 volunteer hours this year alone!

League members have fundraised, launched, and served several programs such as the Juvenile Detention Center, Children’s Advocacy Center, Hope’s Door Women’s Shelter, and many more.

With so many projects and programs, volunteers help the Junior League of Collin County make the community a healthier and safer place to live.

Come make a difference with the women of Collin County by volunteering or donating today!

Address 5805 Coit Road Suite 301

972-769-0557 | Website here!

McKinney Park Foundation

mckinney parks foundation is just one of the many collin county nonprofits pitching in for ntx giving day 2021!

If you are looking for a way to help preserve the beautiful nature around you, look no further than McKinney Parks Foundation (MPF)!

McKinney Park Foundation works with the city to enhance beautification and maintenance of parks and open spaces, promote community involvement, and provide education about the wonderful natural space in our city.

MPF volunteers engage in park development projects such as hike and bike trail maintenance, building nature trails, park and open space upkeep, and more.

By partnering with local organizations, MPF helps school children and other interested individuals learn more about nature and ecology.

Help keep our parks and open spaces clean and beautiful for generations to come! Volunteer or donate today!

Address: 1004 Unit C N. Kentucky St

972-658-5101 | Website here!

Minuteman Disaster Response

minuteman disaster response is just one of the many collin county nonprofits pitching in for ntx giving day 2021!

With natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, and fires devastating our communities every year, it is the brave volunteers of Minuteman Disaster Response (MDR) who move toward disaster to help those in need!

Minuteman Disaster Response has the resources and training necessary to help save lives and provide assistance in the immediate aftermath of disasters.

These selfless volunteers are trained in all areas of disaster relief such as Debris Cleanup, Resource Management, Search and Rescue, First Aid, Emergency Communications, and Command Structure.

MDR volunteers go above and beyond to serve their community by participating in professional training to ensure that they can effectively serve their neighbors whenever they need to deploy at a moment’s notice.

If you feel ready to answer the call and serve your community, come volunteer with the Minuteman team or donate today!

Address: 1512 Bray Central Drive Suite 200 McKinney, Tx 75069

214-585-2411 | Website here!

Mission Possible Kids

mission possible kids is just one of the many collin county nonprofits pitching in for ntx giving day 2021!

No other nonprofit instills life skills and helps build character in kids and teens quite like Mission Possible Kids does!

Mission Possible Kids empowers kids to become agents of change in their lives and the lives of others through “hands-on” TOP SECRET missions such as: stocking food banks, making gifts for kids in hospitals and shelters, and assisting with disaster relief.

Since 2003, over 15,000 children across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico have impacted the lives of over 4 million people in need!

By volunteering thousands of hours to various community nonprofits, these young agents not only help

change the lives of others, but also their own.

They learn how to solve real-world problems and develop compassion, self-confidence, a strong work ethic, and many other great attributes necessary to help create a better tomorrow!

Help these young agents accomplish their mission by volunteering or donating today!

Address: 2200 Coit Road, #480-137

972-943-0719 | Website here!

Smiles Charity

smiles charity is just one of the many collin county nonprofits pitching in for ntx giving day 2021!

Smiles Charity honors our nation’s wounded veterans for their sacrifice by building fully handicap accessible homes specialized to help meet their needs.

With no paid staff since it was established back in 2008, Smiles Charity depends solely on its hardworking volunteers.

To help raise funds, Smiles Charity brings the entire community together over Memorial Day weekend for a fun concert and family festival!

With 100% of all proceeds going straight into building a home, Smiles Charity forever changes the lives of veterans and their families by giving them a mortgage-free home to call their own. Help honor our wounded warriors by volunteering or donating today!

Address: 6595 Virginia Parkway #100 McKinney, TX 75071

972-542-4412 | Website here!

Volunteers of America Texas

volunteers of america texas is just one of the many collin county nonprofits pitching in for ntx giving day 2021!

When many individuals became homeless or at risk of losing their homes due to the hardships of COVID-19, Volunteers of America Texas (VOA) stepped in to help.

Volunteers of America Texas is a nonprofit dedicated to assisting vulnerable groups such as seniors, families facing poverty, individuals with mental and physical disabilities, and individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities find permanent housing options.

The VOA Texas Home Tenant Based Rental Assistance Program assists eligible individuals with tenants’ rights training, landlord mediation and negotiation, and more. At a time with so much uncertainty, VOA Texas is helping put the minds of vulnerable individuals at ease by providing them with a roof over their heads.

By removing the burden of needing to find affordable housing, VOA Texas is helping individuals rebuild their lives and reach their full potential amid this global pandemic. With nearly 300 employees serving over 24,000 people in more than 30 urban and rural communities, VOA Texas is making a big impact in the community. Volunteer or donate today!

Address: 300 E. Midway Dr. Euless, TX 76039

817-529-7300 | Website here!

Volunteer McKinney

volunteer mckinney is just one of the many collin county nonprofits pitching in for ntx giving day 2021!

Not only does Volunteer McKinney help connect volunteers to local nonprofits supporting causes they are passionate about, but they also provide training and development for nonprofit leaders.

Volunteer McKinney has been assisting nonprofits fulfill their need of volunteers since 1998, helping make McKinney one of the greatest places to live and raise a family!

Community-wide events such as the National “Make a Difference Day”, Collin County Giving Day Party in the Park, and The SPIRIT of McKinney Volunteer Awards, and other events help bring nonprofits and the community together.

There is still work left to do, and Volunteer McKinney needs your help! Come volunteer or donate to help make your community a great place to live!

Address: 119 W Virginia ST, Ste 202 McKinney, TX 75069

972-542-0679 | Website here!


volunteernow is just one of the many collin county nonprofits pitching in for ntx giving day 2021!

With the mission of helping transform communities through volunteers, VolunteerNow does just that by mobilizing over 300,000 volunteers a year supporting over 3,500 nonprofits!

VolunteerNow helps nonprofits mobilize volunteers by providing services such as the VOLY.org volunteer recruiting and management software, volunteer management training, consulting, and volunteer background checks.

Nonprofits in education, social services, health and wellness, and more use VolunteerNow to recruit volunteers.

Volunteers mobilized through VolunteerNow donated 1.625 million hours of their time last year alone! A $41.4 million dollar value that went straight into serving the community!

As the hub of volunteerism in North Texas, VolunteerNow makes it possible for nonprofits to connect with the free workforce they need to make an impact in the community.

Come join the thousands of volunteers making an impact in your community by volunteering or donating today!

Address: 2800 Live Oak St Dallas, TX 75204

214-826-6767 | Website here!

There were some serious records broken during last year’s NTX Giving Day. Think we could break THOSE records this year?