Not Your Mama’s Junior League

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A few weeks ago a good friend of mine, Kelly, got married. Despite her mother’s wishes, Kelly did things a little unconventionally and departed from some of the typical wedding traditions. The wedding turned out beautifully and felt very authentic to Kelly, and her now-husband. Even Kelly’s mom enjoyed this special day once she saw her daughter enjoying every moment of her unique wedding.

You may have heard that Junior Leagues are very traditional and formal, like the wedding Kelly’s mom wanted. Some of your experiences with Junior Leagues may conjure images of white gloves, pearls, and Grandma’s china. Or of an organization that is exclusive and not diverse, where many of the girls are just alike.

Well, Junior League of Collin County (JLCC) breaks that mold.

Our group of mission-minded women is less traditional and more modern. Less concerned with appearances and more focused on creating real change in Collin County. Women balancing their passion for community service while working a full-time job and dropping the kids off at grandmas. Committee meetings that, rumor has it, come with a glass of wine. Hard work that can leave us covered in sweat and dirt, but also fulfilled. Yes, we can be prim and proper if we want to, but that’s not all that we can be. JLCC women play a hands-on role in everything from career coaching survivors of domestic violence to putting on a multi-day holiday market; from mentoring children in the juvenile justice system to managing the League’s budgets and P&Ls; from developing leadership training curriculum to producing our annual publication.

As one Junior Leaguer summarized it, “It’s definitely not pearls and white gloves.”

Plus, the ladies in JLCC come from all walks of life. During my time in League, I’ve met other women who are stay-at-home moms, former city mayors, teachers, doctors, photographers, and graduate school students. I’ve also met ladies who can set the finest dinner table you’ve ever seen with fresh flower centerpieces that sit just-so and ladies whose idea of setting the table is a pizza box and a few napkins. No judgment here. Do what works for you.

JLCC welcomes women of all ages and realizes that ladies may become interested in League in a variety of life stages. Over 40? Cool with us. 25? Glad to see you.

We’re not your mama’s Junior League. There’s no pressure to be perfect or to come from a certain background. We’re less concerned about who your family is and more focused on helping you make a difference. If there is anything typical about JLCC it’s that we love serving our community, embrace our uniqueness, and love to have a good time. That’s who we are. We’ll change our corner of the world with a little less formality and a little more elbow grease.

Interested in joining JLCC? Click here to learn more.

Written By: Athena Thomas, 1st year active