Girl Boss 2019: Suzy Sloan Jones

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Two of our members were recently recognized as part of Plano Magazine’s Girl Boss 2019: Ten Women Changing Plano. Continue reading to see how JLCC member Suzy is impacting our community.

Originally published by Plano Magazine.

PLANO, TX – August 28, 2019 – Under Suzy Sloan Jones’s leadership, the ArtCentre of Plano has emerged as the busy hub of the historic Downtown Plano Arts District. Couples host weddings and private parties there. Kids learn about visual art, music, dance and creative dramatics through the ArtCentre’s summer camp, JumpStart for Arts. And thousands of visitors come through each year for exhibits like last summer’s Kinsey African American Art & History Collection, commemorating the Harlem Renaissance, and most recently, Flow: The Dedication of Women, featuring five Asian artists.   

Making all this a reality is Suzy’s gift for fostering collaborative relationships and her deep conviction that the arts bring something priceless to a community. 

“No successful society has ever existed without culture,” she said. “When you introduce someone to art at any age, it will make them more successful in math and science, more creative and more thoughtful.”  

Wherever she’s involved, Suzy seems to land in leadership roles, whether it was in the PTA at her daughter Sarah’s school or the Junior League of Collin County. She was also a leading force in organizing and energizing the Plano Arts Coalition, an association of a dozen Plano arts groups. On top of all this, Suzy teaches art history and appreciation at Collin College. All of which keeps her busy and inspired.  

“It’s never the same day twice,” she said. “Ever.” 

Suzy has served as executive director since 2004, shepherding the ArtCentre through two moves, from its previous location at 15th Street & K Avenue (what is now Shinola) and, before that, from the Olney Davis House (now City House.) In 2017, the ArtCentre moved to its current home, the historic Saigling House in Haggard Park. 

“When the opportunity to work with the City on the Saigling House was proposed, it was Suzy’s ability to say ‘Yes, let’s go for it,’ that made it happen,” said Carole Greisdorf, the ArtCentre’s marketing and planning consulting. “With each move, she worked tirelessly with the City of Plano to make a success of the new location, to make it inviting and a place of interest.”