Award Categories

Collin County Female Business Leader of the Year:

This award recognizes a female business leader who not only supports the nonprofit sector through her consistent commitment to her community, but who has distinguished herself in her organization, her profession, and among her peers. The recipient of the Female Business Leader of the Year Award epitomizes the values of her community and represents the best of who we are as women and as leaders. She is committed to making her community a priority for her department or organization.

Collin County Young Professional of the Year:

This award recognizes a young professional woman who has already made, or is on track to make, significant contributions to her profession and her community. This recipient’s spark and tenacity is exemplified in her professional work as well as in her efforts as a volunteer and impactful community member.

Collin County Volunteer of the Year:

This award recognizes one outstanding female adult for her valuable and selfless commitment to extraordinary hands-on volunteer service, which strengthens the entire Collin County community. Her distinguished service for the nonprofit sector exemplifies commitment, passion, and benevolence. This recipient’s tireless qualities embody the mission of JLCC and the spirit of volunteerism.

Collin County Newcomer of the Year:

This award celebrates a recent addition to our volunteer community. This may be someone who has recently relocated to Collin County or someone who has made a significant difference in volunteerism in a short amount of time. The recipient of this award has a tangible passion for volunteerism and, in a short amount of time, has contributed to the Collin County volunteer landscape. This recipient is someone who has gone above and beyond a normal expectation for a beginner.

Collin County Nonprofit Professional of the Year:

This award celebrates a paid employee of a nonprofit who is a bold, well-known leader that others choose to emulate. The recipient of this award has a proven track record of growth, success, and influence in both her profession and her community. Her love of the nonprofit sector is defined in her leadership that furthers the nonprofit’s mission. The nonprofit in which the nominee works does not have to be based or headquartered in Collin County, but the scope and impact of the nominee’s work should be felt or focused in Collin County.

Collin County Legacy Award:

This is the pinnacle volunteer achievement award. This award recognizes a woman who has demonstrated superior leadership and success in the nonprofit sector over many years. She has made a life-long commitment to improving Collin County. She has a track record of long-term achievements and community involvement. The Legacy Award recipient is known for her positive influence and her exemplary abilities. This leader possesses the qualities of trustworthiness, authenticity, tenacity, and warmth. This woman is one who works hard to connect others to a larger purpose, inspiring commitment, boosting resolve, and helping her colleagues and community members find deeper purpose in their lives through volunteering and its service toward others.