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Dear members and friends of JLCC:

With states of emergency surrounding COVID-19 now declared at federal, state, county and city levels as well as new CDC guidelines to cancel gatherings of more than 50 people for the next eight weeks, we have important updates regarding this quickly evolving situation. There is a lot of information in this update, so please review in detail.

As you know, the safety of our members, guests, staff, and the agencies we serve are always top of mind, and, as such, the following changes are effective immediately:

  • The JLCC Office is closed until at least May 5th. This time frame could potentially be extended and will be reevaluated weekly. Someone will be checking the mail several times per week, but otherwise, no one should visit the office until we officially reopen.
  • Our office staff will be working from home until further notice.
  • ALL JLCC activities are cancelled through May 5th. This includes affinity events, trainings, project shifts, recruitment sessions and all in-person meetings.
  • We are working with Goodwill to reschedule Trinkets to Treasures to a later date.
  • We are also working to reschedule the Collin County Women of Influence Awards event.
  • All third party meetings in our office are being rescheduled.
As community leaders, we ask you to take CDC, WHO, state and local updates seriously and set the example for our neighbors. You may not be at high risk, but someone you interact with indirectly in public may live in a high-risk household.

  • Frequent hand washing, social distancing and avoiding others when feeling ill are the most important actions each of us can take to stop the spread of infection.
  • Asymptomatic carriers can spread the virus as easily, if not more so, as individuals who have tested positive for the virus and are in quarantine. Just because you don’t feel bad doesn’t mean there is no risk.
  • Please do not buy in bulk if you do not have a genuine need. Doing so overwhelms stores and supply chains and prevents others from being able to feed and sanitize for their own families. In many cases, the very people we are serving in the community may be the families that cannot afford to stockpile, thereby requiring them to to buy groceries and supplies as they are paid, so don’t take the last of the toilet paper if you can help it.
  • Finally, please remember to BE KIND. In unsure times, it is normal human nature to be frustrated, fearful and focused on ourselves and our own families. But we know you are all beyond “normal”! Be a good example to others while we navigate these uncharted waters together as a society.

Thank you, in advance, for your help and leadership as we continue to monitor and adapt to this situation.

Melanie Perkins
2019-2020 President
Junior League of Collin County